Mettal cutting

Main parameters

>- CNC turning upto the diameter 350mm. 4 pcs CNC turning lathes.
- CNC turning from bar-material upto the diameter 63mm. 2 pcs CNC turning lathes for bar-material upto the diameter 63mm and one new CNC turning lathe for bar-material upto the diameter 45mm.
- turning upto the diameter 800mm with karusel turning lathe
- CNC milling and drilling upto 400x650mm.
New CNC milling centrum HURCO with 24 tools.
- konventional milling upto 1 000 mm

High quality production and control mechanism became our main targets. All complicated parts output goes under 3-level control. Supplement of a final control table appears to be everyday procedure.

Our company offers very short delivery times of final products.

Automatic Turning lathe

Production of small parts in high series.

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