Production Of Machinary Appliences
Universal Dividing Turntables

This is a new range of Turntables for the year 2000. We have tested these appliences during last years to achieve cutting time when drilling or milling general rotary parts. Our turntables are based on a free to rotate sliding bearing with a fitted indexing bolt. See detail of indexing bolt for Turntable with 3-jaw chuck. Our appliences are very good at reasonable price and high comercial value. See the pricelist. Main parts of our turntables are made of high quality grey cast iron and their service life has been tested during many-years trial operation. We hope that our appliences could help your company reach better production productivity.

Dimensioned sketch in mm


Main dimensions in mm
PZ 80 B80-75-200170-
PZ 100 B1001367951220190PZ 100 B/L
PZ 125 B1561808851240210 PZ 125 B/L
PZ 160 B1602009959295260PZ 160 B/L
PZ 200 B20024212572340300PZ 200 B/L
PZ 250 B25031014283420370 PZ 250 B/L
PZ 315 B31538016083490440PZ 315 B/L


Our turntables are prepared to be fitted with an appropriate size of a versatil jaw chuck - PZ 200 for chuck IUS 200 (out diameter of the chuck 200 mm). All turntables can be locked on its way by every 1o or 2,5o.

Different possibilities of regular circular dividing

Easy to take nonius enable us to fix the table under the whatever angle
followed by easy arrestment with 2 holding screws.

This way of arrestment is very important for a propper way of milling. It also helps when drilling high gauge holes. Tenth scale nonius is also easy to change to a ten-minutes scale nonius

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